Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Count down to easter

the count down to Easter is on I have 26 bunnies done and a total of 61 to do. this is after I have gotten correct rabbit counts from all 3 teachers. I am so sick of rabbits now it's pathetic. While i knit rabbits I have other projects who seem to be yelling "Do you realize I need to be finished " at me and i have the urge to stop and finish at least one so they quit yelling at me day in and day out. Emily was wild this last weekend and i am still exhausted. so with that said back to bunnies and as promised here is the pic of the first 20 bunnies though they still need tails and bows they are done sorry the pic is a lil fuzzy i'm still learning my camera.


  1. hey woman what's the hold up? No new blog posts?