Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Count down to easter

the count down to Easter is on I have 26 bunnies done and a total of 61 to do. this is after I have gotten correct rabbit counts from all 3 teachers. I am so sick of rabbits now it's pathetic. While i knit rabbits I have other projects who seem to be yelling "Do you realize I need to be finished " at me and i have the urge to stop and finish at least one so they quit yelling at me day in and day out. Emily was wild this last weekend and i am still exhausted. so with that said back to bunnies and as promised here is the pic of the first 20 bunnies though they still need tails and bows they are done sorry the pic is a lil fuzzy i'm still learning my camera.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bunny Update

Well I know it's been a couple of weeks since I last updated on the bunnies. I currently have 15 done and another one on the needles. We are now just 10 weeks away from the bunny delivery date to the 3 classes at 3 different schools I am doing them for. In the process of the bunnies I made a knitted snake for someone I will get it sent out when i make the rest of the stuff to go with it. I will have a pic of the bunny population when i hit 20 rabbits. That shouldn't be too much longer. in the mean time I will be working from the time i get up til the time i go to bed and then some to get over 60 hand knit bunnies done. I am still waiting on a current bunny count for each class , there are bunnies everywhere right now and it looks like a small bunny massacre here with bunny body parts all over the den upstairs. keep hopping on and knitting or crafting everyone til next time I"ll be hopping along back to the needles for my bunnies

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project Easter Bunny

Ok so here we are just over 3 months from easter. I have now hand knitted stuffed and sewn 9 easter bunnies. i am knitting the legs, arms , feet, and ears of the next 4 bunnies as we speak. My goal it to finish 100 hand knitted , stuffed and sewn easter rabbits by the friday of easter which this year is April 22nd. On that Friday kids from 3 differnt classes at 3 different schools will each recieve a bunny completes with a letter to the class explaining that the Easter Bunny has left them at my house to deliver for him. I will be updating every week to let you all know whoever you are where I stand on the bunnies. I feel i can do this as long as there is school at least twice a week. I am very upset with mother nature right now she keeps sending snow storms into kentucky every two days causing a cancelation in school this cuts into my knitting time as I have an autistic 8 yr old daughter who becomes rather bored easily and have to stop and keep her entertained. I will make this goal if it kills me. lol ok so let get hopping along the bunny trail. 3 months 2 weeks to go and im at 9 bunnies that means 91 more to go. with that said back to the bunnies !!! have a hoppy day all

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the next big snow storm

ok so now they are talking a major winter storm this weekend and we are in the bulls eye in kentucky. thats fine with me I'll hit the grocery this week and then be ready. i mean I only have 95 more easter bunnies to hand knit maybe I'll have my assembly line going and maybe teach dad to knit lol. the man needs a hobby. I don't know who knows a lot of kentucky winters but the last time they called for a dusting we got smacked with not 6 inches try 22 inches of snow. this time i am ready. Mom has fabric I have mt knitting and cross stitches to do. if the power goes out emily (my daughter will learn to knit one way or another) so with that said bring on the snow this weekend I'm ready.